Friday, July 09, 2010

Facelifts and Fresh Starts

I've digitally unearthed and dusted off the old Knoxlife blog and given it a facelift. I had let it languish for almost three years--half of young Knox's life! I've also renamed it; it is now Chisholm Place Chronicles, in honor of our new nest on a street called Chisholm Place. It's such a sweet little street, and we're so happy to be here, where light streams in the windows. It makes life seem full of possibility, and this blog is where I plan to chronicle our life happenings. The Chronicles of Chisholm Place ... surely that holds as much possibility as "The Chronicles of Narnia" or "Chronicles of Avonlea"? :-)
It's nice to think so, anyway.

I'm expanding the scope of the former Knoxlife blog to be more of a personal space for me to write and post things. I seem to crave a space beyond the confines of Facebook--a place to publish unobtrusively in whatever way I wish; a space where people can choose to visit (or not) of their own accord. But I do want this renovated blog to be a useful place for far-flung family and close friends to check in on Knox and his parents when they want to.

Hooray for digital facelifts and fresh starts!

Knox and his new next-door neighbor running gleefully through the empty house
while the grownups conferred about boring things like filters and spare keys

Open floor plan (before we backed the moving dump truck in to unload our STUFF)

Summer swingin'

Ahoy there, cap'n!
Knox on a boat ride at the Outer Banks in North Carolina

An interlude to concentrate on BrainQuest in the ship's hold

My other favorite passenger, Luke, the old sea dog

A shot I took from the boat of the sun and dramatic clouds at sunset

Knox cutting up for the huge wall of scrolling photos at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum


Christin Boggs said...

beautiful! I look forward to your chronicles :) Many congratulations on the house. Once school is done, I'm paying you a visit!

Nicole W. said...

Oh, how I need to visit Chisholm Place in person. :)