Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reality, or Woe Is Me

UGH!! This is my environment right now. And there's more in the bedrooms and bathrooms! It's awful. I don't remember unpacking being this bad before. Have I forgotten, or is this time just worse? We got rid of lots of stuff, but we are still way overloaded. And this is a small home. There's nowhere to escape our stuff. It's everywhere! I bet I could take any 10 full boxes to the dumpster and hardly miss whatever is in them. My goal for today is to stack boxes and clear surfaces before despair sets in! 

I flipped on NPR and "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" is on. Everyone's laughing hysterically, and it is truly medicine. It's making me feel better just listening to people laugh. I need a steady diet of comedy to listen to while I slog through the unpacking until things begin to take shape here. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to unpack I go!


Keri Cocchiola said...

First of all --- Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me should be prescribed by doctors all over the world to cure anything from slight unpacking woes to a serious case of the blues!! I whole heartily agree that you can't help but smile when it is on!!!

Second of all --- Yeah, you are blogging. Officially!! Sheri Cocchiola would be SOOOOO proud. She doesn't know how to turn on a computer, but she continues to get a chuckle from any of your FB posts that I share with her. Congrats SD! love you

slowpoke said...

Keri, I love that you concur about Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. Clay has recently gotten really into listening to it on podcast. Today they were talking about a woman who was tired of her boobs and how they got in her way and how they served no purpose b/c she doesn't have kids, so she consulted with some engineers to see if they could be put to some use. They came up with a way to harness the energy from their motion. Many jokes about "that woman could launch the shuttle" or "that one could power a city" ensued. It was just what I needed while doing such daunting tasks.

Thanks for your encouragement to write more. Baby steps. :-)

love you too!

skeltzer said...

The first thing I thought when I saw this picture was not "oh look at that mess!" but "oh my goodness I covet those hardwood floors!"

Also the captcha for leaving this comment is "f l u c k" and that's funny. Hooray for blogging!