Friday, May 04, 2012

All the Little Things

Such a sweet, happy song! Ben Cocks, "All the Little Things".
The kind of song I would've listened to a lot when I was home with little Knox.

"I came to thinking that the best use of my time would be with you; that'll make me happy. All the little things that you and me could do together..."

For you, mamas!

Here's the link in case the play button doesn't work above.

Sunday, April 01, 2012


It's April 1, and though it has felt like all four seasons at various times of day lately, today was particularly, gloriously springlike. It started out quite cool, so cool that I wore thin gloves when I took a walk this morning. But afternoon found most of the neighbors and all of the kids out playing or gardening in the perfect temperature with the sun shining.

I had an awesome day. I gardened! I spent two hours digging, pulling up roots and planting some pretty lettuce. Farmer Todd lives across the street from us, and he is in charge of some community gardens that grow produce for lower-income housing developments in the city. He has an amazing food garden in his own backyard as well, and he is kind enough to be the resident garden consultant on our street. He always takes time to talk to neighbors about their gardens, answer questions, give advice and lend his awesome tools. He's a great guy. He even showed interest in my two lettuce plants (hee hee), and told me to divide them into four sections and plant them six inches apart in order to grow more heads of lettuce. I borrowed his super-duper, massive fork that is two- to three-feet wide and helps really dig up the sod to make a garden bed.

I had fun forking the sod, and the neighbor boys got in on the action with me. There was another boy helping as well, but I was too busy supervising young boys with a massive garden tool to snap a picture when he was in it. My own kid? Well, he participated for thirty seconds before losing interest. He didn't even last long enough for me to snap a picture. Sigh. Maybe someday.
I also made pizza with herb-speckled whole wheat dough from Mona Lisa Pasta, and chocolate chip cookies with spelt flour. I am feeling really good after exercising, gardening and preparing healthier versions of pizza and cookies today. I wish every day could be so active and productive!