Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Neighborhood Exploration

One of my very favorite cheap thrills in life is exploring on foot. I love a good meander.
You never know what you're going to discover. My previous neighborhood was wonderful for walking. There were so many interesting houses and gardens to look at. I love the little touches that make a home: an inviting porch, a lovely potted plant, old architectural details, a bit of scrollwork, a flourishing garden.

I was concerned that I would not enjoy walking in my new neighborhood, so I was thrilled when my first exploration on foot yielded more than I could have imagined. This is one quirky little section of the city! Here's a sampling of my new 'hood. (I'll probably have a Part 2 to this post.)

At the intersection of 18th St. is Short 18th!
I love arts & crafts style, especially nestled so cozily, though if it were mine I would lose the front bush to show off my arts & crafts porch!
A large cemetery 
where laid to rest are Lively 
and Quick
(thought I'd throw in a little cemetery humor)
Our neighborhood is in the old Woolen Mills section of the city, where several mills were established and operational in the late 1700s and throughout the 1800s.
an old church established for the mill workers and their families
(it still holds Sunday services)
a funny garden goddess statuette
I am equally excited by dream homes and abandoned, dilapidated structures.
a pretty dreamy home with mountain backdrop and lovely garden
an old factory chimney?
railroad bridge
And lastly, one of many modern designs in the neighborhood.
I'll have to do a post some time of all the mod houses because there's an interesting group of architects who chose this neighborhood to place several of their very contemporary designs.

Can you believe all of this is in the same area within a 15-minute walk of my house? It is so very quirky.
I love that!

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