Monday, September 03, 2007

Look Who's 3, Looking like a Tough Guy!


Keri Cocchiola said...

Funny -- I have a pic of Knox at his first b-day party making the SAME face!! Some things never change... Foxy Knoxy, you don't want your face to freeze that way, do you?? Love & miss you, Auntie Keri!!

slowpoke said...

Keri, this one's the all-time classic:

And don't forget the buck-naked boy at Stony Creek.
We were shameless. Man, I miss those days when Auntie Keri showed up and the misadventures began.
Girl, what's it gonna take to get us back within shootin' distance of each other? We need ourselves a miracle! I'll be sure Knox reads his comment from AK.