Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bits of December

It's late o'clock, and I will have to peel my eyelids open in fewer than six short hours, but for the moment it feels good to be awake blogging by the soft white lights of Christmas by night. I can already smell the morning's coffee in my head, and I wish I could get started on it now. Thank goodness for the anticipation and comfort of morning coffee after the folly of staying up too late.

Here are some bits of December that I've enjoyed so far ...
 Father-son lumberjacks
 These two don't leave home without a football to toss.
 The Kickoff
 Hay bale snowman (only in Virginia!)
 Hauling the Catch
 Holiday party for Clayborne Education, waiting for invitees to arrive
 A busy elf
 "Have a peppermint."
(from my favorite girlhood books, the Anne of Green Gables series)
 The Life
(I envy the life my cat leads on a daily basis, and especially so on frosty, sleepy mornings when it would be sooooo very nice to stay curled up in bed.)

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