Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Murphy's Oil Soap Kind of Day

It's a domestic, Murphy's Oil Soap kind of day here at Chisholm Place. I did some actual hands-and-knees scrubbing of my kitchen floor. That's a mighty rare occurrence 'round these parts. The soft lemony smell of Murphy's Oil Soap makes it worth it--domestic aromatherapy. I also take a certain satisfaction in aggressively rubbing out spots and blemishes; insert Lady MacBeth quote here: "Out, out, damned spot!" I'm taking this wee blogging break to connect myself to the millennia of women who have kept their homes and done domestic labor. It's never-ending. My home will never be as shiny and dust-free all at one time as I would like, but at least I'll have one or two places to look that are cleaner than they were before. It's all about the psychological editing and cropping of the view. And at least the Murphy's Oil Soap makes it smell clean! My boys are out buying twinkle lights for the Christmas tree, so I'd better get back to my domestic chores before they return and the decorating begins!
P.S. These vintage housewives smiled incessantly while scrubbing filth.
I listen to music and sigh and groan a lot. ;-)

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