Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

A few shots of our Halloween. Knox went as a blue Angry Bird from the Angry Birds video game. He has a flock of stuffed Angry Birds that he dearly loves. Dinner was hot dogs wrapped in Pillsbury breadstick dough to make mummies. (I picked up that idea from a dad, not a mom, much to my amazement!) We made ghostly cupcakes for dessert and had apple cider. Then Clay and Knox set off into the night to procure the treats. After they wandered the neighborhood, I drove Knox to our friends' house, where the front porch was a beautifully done Hogwarts and they passed out jumbo candy bars--no candy under six inches there!
Sweet little blue Angry Bird, hat turned

Our porch

The loot, the stash--yum!

Our friends' lovely Hogwarts-themed porch: owls, candles, sorting hat, and Sirius Black poster

More Hogwarts porch: Harry Potter jack-o-lantern

Mama Witch and her sweet-cheeked blue Angry Bird boy

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