Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parental Evenings

The part of parenting where you've had a long, full, busy day and you're tired and want nothing more than to stretch out on the couch in a quiet house and read or watch a show or movie but you have to move through the after-school time, homework, dinner, bath and bedtime--yeah, that's rough. You simply don't get to relax when you want to (or need to). It always has to wait until after the kids go to bed, as do the time-sensitive emails, phone calls, and any planning and preparation for the next day, the next month, the trip, the guests, the job, the what-have-you.

I don't always notice or keenly feel how much I miss having down time as soon as I've arrived home from a meeting or work. But I feel it tonight. I feel the aching delay of my own time to recoup, relax and unwind after a busy day. I must supervise bath, play a little game, brush some little teeth and tuck in a little boy and then, and only then, will I take to the couch. I can do it. Just 45 more minutes until the big exhale and the sinking of my weary body into my sofa's soft embrace. Hang tough, mamas! I'd like to pass out some endurance awards to all my mom friends, and to myself. :)

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