Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Cosmic Gesture of Creation

    The video below, called "On Handwork," speaks to me and I want to save it and share it here in my blog repository. I found it on the Rhythm of the Home blog. While I am not a knitter, I appreciate Renate Hiller's ancient wisdom and the calm, centered solidity of her voice, her movements and her conviction. I have certainly noticed that children gravitate toward practical work and skillful making when it is available to them. My son will gravitate toward a video game or television when it is available, and I want to exert the effort to make handwork available to him. One of our best family moments all summer was when we assembled our new deck furniture together. We didn't skillfully make furniture, but the act of working together on a practical project was satisfying and fun. Knox was completely engaged in the labor and enjoyed working with his hands and the tools.
    I also love her introduction about the spiral being a cosmic gesture of creation.

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