Thursday, May 19, 2005

Here she is! Our new house, if everything goes as expected. We are excited and scared! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Your new home and little Knox are adorable!!!!!!!! Absolutely! Congrats on your new home! It is so fun having your own place. Take it from new home owners! Miss you all!

Michelle & Brian

Anonymous said...

Sara--The house is adorable! Absolutely perfect. You know, it has the stlye and size that I always value--a cottage. and it seems to be in wonderful shape. Also the pics of Knox are precious. Especially the whee!
P.S. When were you in Chicago?


amazing grace said...

Oh MY!!! when did all this happen?????? call me!!!!! can't wait to hear the details!

So cute!!! leah

Anonymous said...

SOOO cute! (The house and Knox, of course. But since this is my first look at the house that's what I'll comment on--can't wait to see it in person, but it looks perfect! What great woodwork, yard, and deck!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the house guys!!! So quaint and "hyggeligt" (means cozy in Danish), and sooooooo SARA!!!! love the color too!
Thanks also for the updated photos of Knox. What a CUTIE!!! love the bathtub photo!
LN, Jacob, and little Noah

RJ said...

I like the house! Let me know when your moving.