Monday, March 21, 2005

Presenting of . . .

My blog! What times we live in that with no computer know-how I can make a journal, complete with photographs, to share with friends and family. Thanks, Leah, for the inspiration! This blog is dedicated to our baby boy Knox, with the purpose of sharing him with all our special people. To kiss his chubby cheeks is to love him. To see his chubby cheeks is to want to kiss them. These are definitely the best days of our lives!


Jane Armistead said...

Sara and Clay:

What a neat idea! Loved the pictures and would so like to give Knox a big hug.
Glad you're hving such fun with him. I hope you'll be able to find a Kindermusik class for him soon?
They make greeat grandparent gifts, as I tell my parents. I now have 38 kids in my program and have a Village class for babies 4-18 months, so Knox's age! I love it.
All the best to all 3 of you from Jane, Jack and Richard
PS Emily is 2cms dilated but still 5 weeks from due date, April 20. She's very anaemic and tired too and I have a feeling she'll be early this time - hopefully not too many weeks ahead of schedule, however, as that's not good for the baby (another girl). I go to help out on May 11th for 3 weeks and she will already be at least a month old. I can't go until my Kindermusik classes are over! but am sure we'll see lots of pictures and conference call too.

amazing grace said...

Hey Sara--I am proud of got it up and running fast! It looks great!!! And I am amazed at how many comments you have already must be hooked by you, leah

Julie Randolph said...

Gee, Sara, who are all these people I've never met? Don't I wish there were some type of magic window we could see each other through so we could part of each other's lives even when we're so far apart! It's tough to be an aunt from a distance. I can hardly stand to think about it. This is a terrific way for us to feel connected to Knox in Sox.